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M/s. DYNAMIC CONSULTANT is group of technocrats having good exposure of different technologies available in today’s engineering environment in the field of energy conservation and electrical systems. Every technical man has enough field experience and having clear fundamentals for the implementation of latest technology and hence this is the only group which is not dependent on single authority. After collecting proper exposure, we have started the firm at Ahmedabad in Oct. 2002 & another firm started by the name M/S.TEC ENGINEER at Ahmedabad in March 2003 with a goal to be the leader in the technical service provider in this field. M/s DYNAMIC CONSULTANT and M/s.  TEC ENGINEER are equally Partnership firm on the base of mutual understanding during the period March 2003 to Feb 2009. During that period we have taken authorization of GEDA as well as Mandatory Energy auditor, Govt. of Gujarat in M/s. TEC ENGINEER. Now we have decided to close M/s. TEC ENGINEER upto Feb-2009. Now M/s. DYNAMIC CONSULTANT is totally independent Govt. Authorized  Proprietary firm.(REGISTRATION NO. GUJ/049)

   DYNAMIC CONSULTANT has specialization in energy audit and energy implementation.

   DYNAMIC CONSULTANT is a fast growing company in energy conservation field.

   Having Qualified Energy Auditors and Energy Managers certified by Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Ministry of power, Govt. Of India.



   Complete (Electrical/Thermal) Energy Audit

   Implementation of Energy Saving Schemes

   Monitoring of Energy Saving Schemes

   Electrical/Mechanical Engineering Consultancy

   Electrical Designing


       Mr. Bharat  Patel (Proprietor)

    B. E. Electrical &  Energy Auditor Certified By Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Ministry Of
    Power, Govt. Of

    [13 Yrs. Experience in Energy Implementation &   Monitoring] 


       Mr. Dipak Patel (Technical Adviser)

    B. E. Mechanical (1st Class boiler proficiency)

    [28 Yrs.   Vast Experience in FBC, High pressure boilers O & M and trouble shooting]   

       Ø  Mr. Ramesh Mewada (Senior Executive)
    B. E. Electrical

    [25 Yrs. Vast Experience of Energy Conservation in ATIRA (Ahmedabad Textile Industrys     Research Association)]


       Ø  Mr. Jigar Shah (Senior Executive)
    D. E. Mechanical & Advance Diploma in CAD/CAM

    [14 Yrs. Vast Experience of Energy Audit, Implementation & Monitoring]


        Mr. Minesh Patel (Senior Executive)
    D. E. Electrical

    [9 Yrs. Experience in Energy Audit, Implementation & Monitoring, 3 Yrs. Experience of

  Mr. Mukund Idariya ( Energy Manager )
    B. E. Mechanical

    [10 Yrs. Experience in Energy Audit, Implementation & Monitoring]

  Mr. Sachin Sharma (Senior Executive)
    D. E. Electrical & Energy Manager Certified By Bureau of  Energy Efficiency, Ministry Of
    Power, Govt. of  India.    
    [6 Yrs.   Experience in Energy  Audit, Implementation & Monitoring]

     Mr. Bharat Sojitra (Sr. Design Engineer)

    B. E. Electrical & Appeared in BEE for Energy Auditor

    [8 yrs. Experience in Electrical Designing]


      In addition of this, we have other associate consultants who are experts in their respective field like Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical & Chemical Engineering.

      List of Instruments which we have :-

  Digital multimeter

  Digital ampere meter(1000A)

  Power Analyzer with data logging and harmonics measurement

  Anemometer (2 Nos)

  Digital Tachometer

  Lux Meter

  Digital Temperature meter

  Infra Red Temperature Meter.

  Hardness Tester

  Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter

  Flue Gas Analyzer

  TDS Meter

  Sling Psycho meter

  Gas flow meter


  Saved Rs. 21 lacs/annum in spray dryer by technology up gradation in chemical units

  Saved Rs. 25 lacs/annum in fuel by substitution in process unit.

  Saved Rs. 6.5 lacs/annum in boiler by technology up gradation in process unit.

  Saved Rs. 9.5 lacs/annum in boiler by waste heat recovery in process unit.

  Saved Rs. 9 lacs/annum in water by reducing 40% consumption by technology up gradation in process unit.

  Saved Rs. 7.2 lacs/annum in bore well by technology up gradation in process unit.

  Saved Rs. 10 lacs/annum in pumping system by technology up gradation in process unit.

  Saved Rs. 36 lacs/annum in pumping system by reducing line loss in process unit.

  Saved Rs. 5.6 lacs/annum in compressor power by reducing its energy by 30% in process unit.

  Saved Rs. 3.5 lacs/annum by up gradation system in pharma unit.

  Saved Rs. 1.92 lacs/annum by system up gradation in residential complex.


  Increase in boiler efficiency

  Improved combustion efficiency

  Waste heat recovery

  Proper selection of Steam trap

  Condensate recycling

  Economic fuel in boiler

  Insulation survey

  Air conditioning (Chiller, AHUs , FCUs)

  Captive power plant (Cogeneration system)


  Appropriate distribution of electrical load on electrical system.

  High Performance of transformer, capacitors & stabilizers etc.

  High Performance of motors.

  Perfect Analysis of connected load, operating load, maximum demand etc.

  Improvement in Overall power factor

  Recommendations for the best utilization of electricity

  Analysis of lighting system

  Analysis Power quality and harmonics

  Appropriate protection devices to safeguard electrical equipments.


  Analysis of raw water system

  Analysis of compressed air system

  Analysis of pumping system

  Optimization of utilities requirements

  Identity of various options of process changes and equipment modifications/ addition to achieve the more efficient usage of energy.

We provide Servies in following Cities

Agra, Delhi, Kolkata, Puri, Ahmedabad, Faridabad, Lucknow, Raipur, Ajmer, Ghaziabad, Ludhiana, Rajkot, Allahabad, Goa, Madurai, Ranchi, Amritsar, Greater Noida, Mangalore, Secunderabad, Aurangabad, Gurgaon, Meerut, Shimla, Bangalore, Guwahati, Mumbai, Srinagar, Bharatpur, Hoshiarpur, Mysore, Surat, Bhopal, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Thane, Bhubaneswar, Indore, Navi Mumbai, Thiruvananthapuram, Calicut, Coorg, Nashik, Thanjavur, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Noida, Tirupati, Chennai, Jalandhar, Patiala, Udaipur, Cochin, Jammu, Patna, Vadodara, Coimbatore, Jodhpur, Pondicherry, Varanasi, Cuttack, Kanpur, Pune, Vishakapatnam, Dehradun, Bhiwadi, Itanagar, Guntur, Solapur, Haridwar, Munnar, Satara, Kolhapur, Kanchipuram, Kodiakanal, Rishikesh, Durgapur, Ooty, Mussoorie

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